Our Story

The Doc Insure Journey

It's hard to imagine, but it wasn't very long ago that doctors had to go into a stuffy insurance agents office to learn about and purchase disability insurance. In 2003, our founder, Matthew Wiggins, was working as an agent in one such office, helping the general public to invest their money and protect their finances. Feeling a deep sense of wanting to truly help people who were in need of it, Matt set out with a few of his colleagues to start a business that would target such a group with a new, more tech-savvy way of employing financial services. It did not take long before Matt and his partners found the world of young doctors and the rest is history. Matt helped to pioneer the all-online experience for doctors learning about and obtaining disability insurance. 15 years and 15,000 doctors later, Matt has become one of the leaders in resident/fellow financial education and particularly in the field of disability insurance.

Now, with Doc Insure, Matt is once again pairing his unrivaled experience with cutting-edge financial services technology to provide doctors with the fastest, easiest, and most trusted way of learning about and obtaining the best, personalized disability insurance policies available. His track record of doing what is best for each doctor and understanding the struggles and needs of doctors makes Matt Wiggins and Doc Insure the perfect place for doctors to make educated decisions with the help of unbiased expertise. Doctors are smart enough to make excellent financial decisions but often get into money trouble when they don't have enough information or are given misinformation by inexperienced or biased sales people. Let Matt and his trusted, simplified ways of getting disability insurance help you get your income protected and have the peace of mind you need to thrive in the rest of your practicing and personal lives!